Informatics and Control Technologies (ICT) Conference is an annual flagship event of the ICTS since 2011. The history of ICT conference can be traced back to the year 2004 with the conference of “One Conference Two City” – a conference which jointly run by the IET HK and the Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering, China. In this conference, several invited papers were presented and the delegates from HK were invited to attend the conference in Hangzhou while the delegates from the Mainland China were invited to present in HK. After two years, in the year of 2006, an ICT conference 2006 was held in Shenzhen which organized by the IET HK and the Pearl River Delta Committee. This conference was a successful event and ICTS was desired to continue organizing this conference in 2008. However, due to the resource limitation, the ICT Conference 2008 was postponed and cancelled finally.

In the year 2010, the ICTS was considered to establish an annual flagship event which can represent the role and image of ICTS in both IET HK and also the ICT professional sectors in HK. After a couple of SC meeting, an Organizing Committee was formed, with the Honorary Advisor of Mr. C.S. Chang and lead by the Chairman Mr. Henry Cheung. The conference was named as ICT Conference 2011 which was a full day conference with eight invited papers on the themes of Biomedical and Automation, Transportation and Building Automation. The ICT2011 conference was held in the Regal Hong Kong Hotel on 9 Sept 2011. We have invited three major suppliers on control and automation products in HK to be our sponsors. We have also invited Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC), The Macau Institution of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, the Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC) and the IT Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (ITD-HKIE) to be our supporting organization. We have also invited Mr. Victor Lam, Deputy Government Chief Information Officer of the HKSAR Government to deliver us a keynote speech. There were over 70 delegates to attend this conference.

Followed by the success of ICT2011, the ICTS confirmed to organize the ICT conference in the year 2012. The Organizing Committee was formed with the Honorary Advisor of Dr. Samson Tam, Mr. Jolly Wong and Dr. Robin Bradbeer and lead by the Chairman Dr. Jacob Cheung. The ICT 2012 conference was held in the Regal Hong Kong Hotel on 14 September 2012. The theme of ICT2012 was focused on the Cloud Technology. We have invited five famous IT companies in HK as our sponsors. In addition, we have invited more than twelve professional IT and Engineering institutions in Hong Kong to be our supporting organizations. Furthermore, our ICT Conference was spotted and formally supported by the HKSAR Government. The Officer of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) was our leading supporting organization. There were over 80 delegates to attend this conference.

Thanks for the great effort contributed by the Organizing Committee, both ICT2011 and ICT2012 conference were already recognized by some professional IT and Engineering Institutions in Hong Kong as one of the representing events in the ICT professional sector in Hong Kong. ICTS will continue to contribute our effort to organize this flagship event to present and promote the up-to-date Informatics and Control Technologies among the industrial section and professionals in Hong Kong.

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