PESThe PES is managed by a Section Committee consisting of a group of professionals from different sectors yet with common professional interests who are dedicated to communicate with and serve its members in the fields of power and energy engineering or technology. It is estimated that there are over IET 1,000 members related to PES.

The focus areas of PESC include building electrical technology, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure, energy production, energy services, energy usage, future power, machines and drives, power electronics, power systems and equipment.

PES aims to provide opportunities for members to share experience and exchange views in the fields of power systems, energy, and building electrical technologies by organizing activities such as technical visits, seminars, symposium and conference etc.

PES also provides services and a communication platform for the professionals of the IET members engaged in the engineering and technology in the fields of power and energy to exchange and share their knowledge and experience. It promotes the professionalism image of the IET and the IET Hong Kong. Moreover, PES exercises our professional knowledge to serve the community and enhance membership recruitment and interests of young people in the IET, in order to build up lasting professional relationship with local institutions and institutions in Mainland China and overseas

There are currently three Professional Groups formed within the PES to concentrate on activities related to their respective areas of specialties as shown below. Each Professional Group is managed by its own Sub-Committee.

PES is devoted to making contribution to the development of the IET ever since its inception, and the profession as a whole in the areas of power engineering, building services as well as energy conversion and delivery.   Strategically, the structure of PES has been readily aligned with this mindset of dedication through the three professional groups under the PES umbrella, namely Energy, Power Systems and Building Services.   Throughout the years, this structure proves to be effective in meeting the diverse needs of our members and the trade industry.

PES keeps our members abreast of the latest development in the industry via. technical visits and seminars.  Two core teams are set up to organize various technical visits, and another core team is to organize seminars this year.

PES is actively involved in public consultations and participation in various Working Groups led by Government Departments.

With the strong commitment and devoted efforts of the PES section committee, PES is to bring quality services to our members. Our success hinges on our members’ engagement, active participation and support in our activities.

The PES organizes various international conferences, symposiums, seminars and technical visits for its members to gain first hand information of the latest development in the power engineering, energy technology development and building electrical technologies.

The Annual Power Symposium of the PES, which focuses on the technical aspects related to the respective areas of the three Professional Groups, is an event chaired by the chairmen of the three Professional Groups in rotation each year. The PES has been providing a platform to speakers from industry and academic institutions to give presentations on power engineering, industrial drives, energy management, engineering quality, building services and many other technical topics.

The flagship event of the PES is the International Conference on Advances in Power System Control, Operation and Management (APSCOM), which is a triennial Conference starting from 1991 and has become an internationally well known event to the professionals worldwide.

We have been maintaining links with other professional organizations including Macau Institution of Engineers through joint events, e.g. joint seminars, joint technical visits, and GZCAST in PRC etc.

Special events for members, focusing on specific subjects, are also organized to promote expertise and awareness in the subject that is of interest to the power and energy engineering/technology community in Hong Kong.

The PES also maintains a close relationship and affiliation with the Technical and Professional Networks (TPN) of the IET in order to enhance both networking and quality standards of activities and services to members. There are four TPNs which PES is linked with:

  • Building Electrical Technology
  • Power Trading and Control
  • Power Systems and Equipment
  • Power Conversion and Application

The Section also organizes technical visits to engineering sites such as power plants, substations, control centers and various building electrical systems. These visits cover sites outside Hong Kong e.g. PRC and Macau.