ECS was one of the four Specialized Groups formed under the Institution of Electrical Engineers, the former body of IET.

The focus areas of ECSC include antennas and propagation, healthcare, microelectronics, microwave technology, multimedia communications, photonics and optical communications technology, RF and radar, satellite systems, sonar and navigation. ECS has a long history in the IET Hong Kong. Its inception can be traced back to the early 90’s of the last century. It borne the title Electronic Professional Group and later in 1993 was officially renamed to Specialized Group in Electronics as recommended by the IEE Headquarters. The purpose was to provide service in organizing symposium, seminars, technical visits, and workshop in electronics for all members.  The founder of this specialized group was the late David Tin Wah Cheong, who was also the first elected chairman.  Among the office bearers, Dr. S. F. Koo who had held the title Secretary / Treasurer in the first year is still serving in the committee today.  The first technical program ever organized by SGE was the Electromagnetic Environment in Hong Kong took place at the City Polytechnic (now City University) of Hong Kong. The group transitioned to become Specialized Section in Electronics (SSE) in 1995.

In the following two decades the industry experienced a quantum leap in digital circuits and communication technology as a result of the prominent growth of Internet and mobile communication.  Electronic engineering contributed greatly to the new developments. SSE had begun to expand the landscape to reach out the new frontier.  New members with competences in telecommunication, wireless technology, and networking came onboard the section committee. With such diverse portfolio, SSE was able to bring more interesting programs and visits to satisfy the diverse interest of our members.  2006 is the year that marked a significant milestone in organization development when IEE was transformed into the IET.  Following the organization change, SSE received a new name that became the Electronics and Communications Section (ECS). ECS inherited the legacy from previous generation while creating a new knowledge base to cope with emerging technology in the communication field.

Today ECS is a team of 21 committee members with a good mix of academic, industrial, government, as well as regulatory.  Loyalty and dedication are some of the finest qualities among the committee members.  It’s not rare to find some who have been serving the committee for over 15 years. However, ECS also proactively recruit new members and drive succession plan.  One third of the committee members today have less than five years of service history.  They inject new energy and bring creative thinking to harmonize the operation.  Committee members are all volunteers. They are motivated by the fact that ECS offers numerous opportunities for expanding personal network, facilitating knowledge sharing, promoting engineering values, and building team work.  ECS is also known of having a distinct culture of being inclusive that anyone with a passion is welcome regardless job background and age.  No one would feel being left out.

Technical program is the cornerstone of ECS. Each year the section rolls out averaging 16 events in various forms of seminar, symposium, visits, and conference.  The ‘Talk to CEO/CIO’ series is an annual event the draws attendance. The IET Wireless Symposium is another annual flag-ship event for introducing latest wireless technology and the contributions to the engineering society. Each year ECS invites one of the well-known top government officers, business leaders, technology champions, and entrepreneurs to share vision and personal experience through a casual style of interview in a relaxing environment.  ECS’ bonding with other sections is tight. In addition to own developed programs, an average of two events per year are joint organized with other sister sections. External focus and networking at ECS is equally strong.  ECS has established solid relationship with HKIE, IEEE Hong Kong Consumer Electronic Section, Communication Association Hong Kong (CAHK), CIE Hong Kong, The Macau Institution of Engineers, Internet Society, and numerous vendors and renowned academic institutes both local and overseas. ECS is often invited to join organize conferences lead by affiliated organizations. Several ECS key members are currently taking responsibility in the working team in preparing the EN Electronic Symposium hosted by HKIE.

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed; and will only go faster than ever. ECS will continue to embrace the distinct culture and professionalism in moving forward, creating values to the IET Hong Kong and the industry.